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This is an emphasis on the congeled mess that the beureacratic superstate thet the EU (European Union) is similar to the USSR, in that it is a politically left leaning, beareacratic perveyor of marxism and red tape.
The EUSSR is destroying farmers livelihoods...
by Wattsie April 24, 2006

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(Challenger II) One of the Best Army Tanks in the world, utilised by the British armed forces. It is the size of a large garage, weighs over 60 tonnes and carries enough of an armoury to wipe out a far greater number of T55 Soviet tanks as was proved in Iraq.
I'd much rather be in a Challenger II than one of the 14 odd T55's that got destroyed
by Wattsie May 09, 2006

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The Guardian daily newspaper is a morally repungent piece of liberal claptrap that promotes lefties and commie lib-lab-middleclass-car-haters that want to turn Britain into the "EUSSR"
I don't read that leftie shit(the guardian), only the Express, Mail and to a lesser extent The Sun know what the news is all about
by Wattsie August 09, 2006

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A Mobile Speed Camera. A talivan is a speed camera inside a police van, so that it can be moved from place to place, such as motorways or straight A-roads. They are revenue raising instruments that cause accidents (rather than prevent them as the operators claim)
That 'Davies Builders' van has parked right up against the talivan, so they've driven off in annoyance...
by Wattsie April 24, 2006

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To franglasise - To convert an English word in to a French-sounding equivalent.
To franglasise "mobile phone". Synonomously known as "Mobiles" in the UK they could be Franglasised into "Le Mobile" instead of "Le téléphone portable" etc
by Wattsie April 21, 2008

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A word I imply is used by liberals and lefty do-gooders. I invented it to use when making an impersonation of libeal lefties guardianistas such as road procing inspectors, council tax inspectors and oter jealous liberal do-gooders. It makes the statement it preceeds sound stupider than it already is.
"Quarm! Road pricing inspector. I demand to check your road pricing tag"

"Quarm, I demand to enter your home to snoop for improvements and raise your council tax accordingly!"
by Wattsie April 10, 2007

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