The people you choose to live with during a coronavirus quarantine.
My girlfriend lives by herself, so my roommates and I have included her in our quaranteam
by Faquat March 21, 2020
The lads/lasses' group chat for hard-core studying during isolation from COVID-19. It's a really clever word because it rhymes ;D
"Anyone know what on Earth a 'Quadratic Formula' is?"
"Don't worry mate, I sent my answers to the Quaranteam"
by Adzisanabsoluteweapon March 23, 2020
1. Noun: the people you live with or hang out with during a pandemic quarantine.

2. Verb: raiding supplies or gang banging during a pandemic quarantine. Similar to tag-teaming.
"We're all out of toilet paper"
"All right quaranteam, don your CBRN gear and grab your weapons; we are going to quaranteam the covidiot neighbours across the street"
by rebnvodka March 26, 2020
Those with whome you quatanteen.
We are glad you are part of our QuaranTEAM, because you are an excellent cook!
by NYC1963 April 10, 2020