It can mean anything you want. Good or bad!
You are looking pretty quank! (good)
You are looking pretty quank! (bad)
by maquank December 6, 2016
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(n) A word that sounds super negative and insulting, but is not actually a word at all. Quank is never listed in any dictionary, ever.

This word can be used to insult, it sounds terribly negative, but isn't a word at all so you'll never get called out for it.
Person 1: Get out of the way, quank!
Person 2: *Gets offended* *tries to snitch on Person 1*
Person 1: Nice try. quank isn't even a word.
by BingBongMcFiddles October 23, 2018
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A remark to be used when someone is talking, b!tching, moaning and generally complaining and/or being longwinded.
Wife: "Husband, you left all the lights on AGAIN! You are wasting valuable electricity lighting the room just for the dust bunnies!"

Husband: "Quank, quank, quank."
by Catriona July 15, 2005
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a racial slur for the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE. everybody is a Quank
dude shut your Quank mouth!

hey billy stop acting like a Quank
by Hibuki October 18, 2007
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A fart that comes from the penis
"Hey, did you fucking quank in my face again... your never getting a blowjob again!"
by more than balls September 8, 2008
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An old time Monk who roamed Wales in the 12th Century. Some say he was the love child of a Norse God and a Mermaid
Epic poem "Quank sailed the hills like a ship in its time"
by Kris Barnes January 31, 2007
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(kwank) A title given to an individual given their particular actions or appearance; one is a Quank after committing acts of ignorance, stupidity, or other simple miscalculations. Quanked (kwankt) When an individual is set up to encounter misfortune by another individual.
-"Hey I left my bag on the bus again" "your a big quank"
-"Hey my laptop got stolen from the change room!!" yehp you got quanked pretty good"
by quanker May 17, 2011
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