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The Fortnite Battle Pass, also known as the Fortbooty Nutsacc McBattle Pass, is the system within the world of Fortnite that allows players to achieve skins, emotes, loading screens, VBucks, back blings (like pets (season 6)) and much more, that are exclusive to those who purchased the Battle Pass. Normie items can also be achieved with the Free Pass, which is free. Battle Passes have 100 tiers, each with a different item(s). You level up your battle pass by completing weekly 🅱️allenges.
DUDE: Hey man, did you get this season's Fortbooty Nutsacc McBattle Pass?
MAN. Yeah man, I did get this seasons Fortbooty Nutsacc McBattle Pass.
by BingBongMcFiddles September 29, 2018

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The language you are speaking when you put accents above all of your letters.

Pronounced: (bloff-a-glow)
Omg you type fast in ßłøphëgłœ!
by BingBongMcFiddles April 04, 2019

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v. When you make a typo, and find that is an actual word.

n. A typo that is actually a word.
Matt: Dude, I just totally hourbed. I accidentally typed naruto instead of nature!
Cart: Wow! That is so amazing. I actually can't believe it.
by BingBongMcFiddles October 02, 2018

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Port-Abort, or portable abortion, otherwise known as the Dyson Vaccum, is an abortion solution invented and popularized by James Dyson with the goal of sucking your shit off the floor when it accumulates to the point the FBI stages an investigation on your house due to the suspicion they could find a historical monument buried under it. Theres an on button and an off one. You know what to do.
Person 1: Hey, I think I need an abortion.
Person 2: Go grab the Port-Abort. You can do it.
by BingBongMcFiddles October 03, 2018

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(n) A word that sounds super negative and insulting, but is not actually a word at all. Quank is never listed in any dictionary, ever.

This word can be used to insult, it sounds terribly negative, but isn't a word at all so you'll never get called out for it.
Person 1: Get out of the way, quank!
Person 2: *Gets offended* *tries to snitch on Person 1*
Person 1: Nice try. quank isn't even a word.
by BingBongMcFiddles October 23, 2018

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When you open your fly and stick your phone in.
Imma quickly preform and demonstrate the Tallahassee Insertion.
by BingBongMcFiddles April 01, 2019

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An extremely underrated rapper from North Memphis who sounds like he just packed away three boxes of chicken strips.
"These brand new don't step on my Balencis" - Yo Gotti
by BingBongMcFiddles October 30, 2018

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