An analytical field which looks at changes in events and the possible paths events may follow
Used in computer programming for encryption, animation, Artificial Intelligence, modeling chemical reactions and economics
by Dave Vyrd November 20, 2003
A collection of methods for solving computer problems or brainstorming the structure of data.
Using Qualculus, I figured out how I can pass all the data to a funtion using a simple array.
by Xin Jung January 22, 2005
An emerging field of mathematics used to model a system with computers.
Teaching Biochemistry was the first use of Qualculus
by Robert A. August 12, 2004
If you know about qualuculus you are probably an insider or learned about it from a site like

Qualculus has been used by consultants in the computer industry to design program.
Qualculus was created at University of Wisconsin.
by Bobby April 26, 2005