6 definitions by Xin Jung

In Qualculusit is part of the Nadair Equation that contain the methods or functions that will make modifications in the Baka Matrix in the Nadair
After designing the Baka matrix, she then had to think of what influences would act upon it.
by Xin Jung January 22, 2005
An combination of a Baka Matrix and Influences used in Qualculus to represent a program or object.
I wrote a Nadair Equation that looked like K(J)>=>A
by Xin Jung January 22, 2005
A collection of methods for solving computer problems or brainstorming the structure of data.
Using Qualculus, I figured out how I can pass all the data to a funtion using a simple array.
by Xin Jung January 22, 2005
A conversion of data from one form to another. It is typically inside a Baka Matrix. The symbol of an arrow with a dash is used, which looks something like this +->
simple plasoids may be used to conversions like ASCII to EBCDIC.
by Xin Jung January 22, 2005
Part of Qualculus.

A pattern of thought. Taking data from a several knowledgebases or Planets and making decisions based on what information you believe is true.
An expert system has to take in lots of data and analyze it using several roidiphidols.
by Xin Jung January 22, 2005
A method of Qualculus
A set of data or a collection of data items. It is used in designing computer programs. The word "Baka" used in this context is Hungarian and should not be confused with the Japanese word baka.
She began designing the program by drafting a Baka Matrix.
by Xin Jung January 22, 2005