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Qais is amazing a strong, born leader. Qais is a cheeky one he shows he’s innocent but inside he has dark side.A Qais is handsome and is religious all the way. You should get know a Qais.
Qais is a ride a die
by SkinnyFatthefirst May 19, 2018
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Its an a Persian Name Which Means Helping Others and Like helping also means dosen't give up in love
Travis: your gay
Qais: No you wonder bread your gay
by Qais December 06, 2006
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A passionate soul, friendly and handsome. He is so curious to know more about you, he likes to spread kindness around and always be there for you. He is a good leader with an amazing spitit. He never like to see you down, so no matter what happend he will keep encouraging you. He’s a badass sometimes but you will accept it anyway. One day he will be a bright leader who influence others.
Qais is amazing.
by Alien talk April 19, 2019
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cutest boy in the world. handsome and muslim. he's a product of rich doctors.
Qais is such a cutie, he drives a lambo and screams allah akbar.
by Rias's bitch February 19, 2018
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Is usually a stubborn, but brave and funny guy or girl. Will protect the ones he or she loves in a heartbeat,even tho they are also self doubting.
Qai will fight any threat to his or her loves ones.
by Dante Lee May 22, 2018
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No one knows how to pronounce this fucking name.
All the teachers will humiliate this person with their incorrect pronunciations.

This kid is most likely gay and may also be a poowan.
Hey, did you see qais today?

Bro, did you just cough or something? what are you saying?
by Willeth Slatter April 11, 2019
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