A passionate soul, friendly and handsome. He is so curious to know more about you, he likes to spread kindness around and always be there for you. He is a good leader with an amazing spitit. He never like to see you down, so no matter what happend he will keep encouraging you. He’s a badass sometimes but you will accept it anyway. One day he will be a bright leader who influence others.
Qais is amazing.
by Alien talk April 19, 2019
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Qais is amazing a strong, born leader. Qais is a cheeky one he shows he’s innocent but inside he has dark side.A Qais is handsome and is religious all the way. You should get know a Qais.
Qais is a ride a die
by SkinnyFatthefirst April 2, 2018
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Qais is a very very shy person who like to be with everyone, he's always sad but sometimes happy he sees stuff differently and have a very deep mind he sometimes like 2 think abt stuff will happen In the future, he always look for the best and he always tries to impress others especially the people he care abt, he loves everyone equally
Qais was chasing friends in the playground
by Kees.com November 27, 2019
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No one knows how to pronounce this fucking name.
All the teachers will humiliate this person with their incorrect pronunciations.

This kid is most likely gay and may also be a poowan.
Hey, did you see qais today?

Bro, did you just cough or something? what are you saying?
by Willeth Slatter April 11, 2019
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A person called Qays is a kind person that gets the lovin all day, he gets bitches and people care about him. He’s a healthy person and keeps care of his body for all the hoes
Qays - Damn look at Qays hes lookin fleek
by YABOYADAM777 January 3, 2018
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Not to be confused with a qais, Qaies is a nice and ongoing person but is very protective when it comes to what he cares about ,when a Qaies is pissed off he resembles a devil and would probably rip ur soul out if he could ,a Qaies is also very hip and thinks in a a very different way
Person 1: yo ,should I take Qaies's girl.

Person 2: if ur not afraid to die then sure thing


Person 1: I've never met a Qaies

Person 2:me neither ,but I bet a Qaies would like to meet another Qaies.


Dad: I know a good kid to follow on insta or snap?

Son: postoff_p
by I’m right December 17, 2018
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