You work, you earn money, you pay your rent. QED.
by floW_daB July 8, 2015
QED notion 'it has been shown so it is true'

Can I add that chickenbitch above aids the proof of this.

you'RE wrong. QED mother fu**er!!!!!
by swissarmyknife July 19, 2006
Used by pseudo-intellectuals at the end of arguments. Means "PWN3D N00B" but they pretend it doesn't because they're trying really hard to be intelligent.
Mr. C: 2+2=4
PI: You are wrong QED
Mr. C: Based on what
PI: You're dumb QED
Mr. C: What?
PI: Haha I won the argument QED
Mr. C: ???????
by bossofsauce November 30, 2010
Stands for "Quod Erat Demonstrandum", which is Latin for "I haven't actually proven anything, but believe me anyway."
Let 2 + 2 = 5.
Therefore, 2 + 2 = 5
by Ictoagn August 6, 2010
Used by cocky engineering I-am-smarter-than-you-and-I-know-it students upon completion of a difficult proof. To really erate the professor, add (quite easily done) afterwards.
proof of limit using delta-epsilon
QED (quite easily done)
by brian911 October 15, 2005
What someone writes when insecure about his abilities as a physicist or mathematician to make themselves feel smarter than they likely are. Typically used by douchebags who think they are doing something amazing by proving a problem from a textbook. Usually follows a terribly formed proof which lacks rigor or reasoning.
"x+y=2. Clearly, z=4, QED."

"You're obviously incorrect, as is seen without proof. QED"
by jmachtmr March 21, 2008
Originally Latin meaning "quod erat demonstrandum" or "which was to be shown or proven", now used mainly by physics students to insult someone when something is proven wrong or false, typically with the words "Mother Fucker" added for effect.
Ha! Your're wrong.. QED mother fucker!
by utmichael2008 March 15, 2005