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A low IQ, low energy Bitcoin-loving bigot who thinks that any coin that has not been approved by the maxis ("shorthand for Bitcoin Maximalist"), should be thought of and labeled as a shit-coin. They are considered to be narcissistic, heavily opinionated and ill-mannered. A bitcoin maximalist will come in hot in almost any discussion but will not answer coherently, especially when their views are debunked.

Some refer to bitcoin maximalists as crypto-thought police, as they often dictate crypto narratives that end up shrouded in misinformation. They speak from an authoritative standpoint about Bitcoin and/or crypto, regardless if their positions and beliefs are based on complete B.S. Bitcoin Maximalists are notorious for using straw man arguments and will often block anyone that calls them out in any public forum.

Bitcoin maximalism ranges from Bitcoin obsession ("sees no other coin but Bitcoin") to Bitcoin conservatism ("believes that other coins can exist, but that Bitcoin is superior and should never change"). It is quite common to see newcomers, especially those coming from other overlapping industries (such as law or economics) taking the position of Bitcoin maximalist to be seen as knowledgable or to fit, despite getting into the space after a few months to a year and with no skin in the game.
Sarah: "It's great to see such a vibrant and open community developing Ethereum. I think I'd like to get involved."

Steve: "You do realize that Bitcoin has like 110% dominance. All other shit coins will go to zero, why bother with Ethereum?"

Sarah: "What evidence do you have that Ethereum will go to zero? Secondly, the DeFi applications are cool, not to mention there are countless applications being built on it, I feel Ethereum will continue to have a bright future."

Steve: "If it's not Bitcoin it's garbage and that's a FACT. Everybody on r/btc and r/bitcoin agrees with me so end of debate. Look, give lightening network like 20 years, and I promise you'll regret going to Ethereum."

Sarah: "You sound like a bitcoin maximalist Steve, having an open mind about crypto helps you know."
by cryptoforlife July 16, 2019
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Bitcoin Maximalism consists of an exceptionally pragmatic individual who recognizes all shitcoins are inflationary to Bitcoin. Bitcoin Maximalists are quick to call out ALT coin scammers who peddle ample amounts of technobabble and hopium to those who are less knowledgeable under the guise of being technologists. There's a large amount of people wishing to pump and dump shitcoins who wish to silence or discredit Bitcoin Maximalists. The "accepted" answer is but one example...
They are such a Bitcoin Maximalist... My shitcoin is going to the moon!
by CantStopCauseWokeAF July 20, 2019
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