Pwny, the leetest animal around. Often mistaken for the pony, when in actuality its the PWNY.
OMFG ITS TEH PWNY!!!!! RUNZzzZZ111!!!!!11
by G0R June 02, 2007
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1. A horse on a mmorpg or real horse that is awesome in some way.

2. a pawn of a clan/group leader that pwns people.
1. Jim just got beat to death by that guy with that pwny.

2. that guy is such a pwny.
by Kotaro_1710 August 09, 2009
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When something has the ability to pwn somebody (i.e. make them pwnt) it can be described as being pwny
Kicking you for flooding the channel would be pretty pwny
by Scykon December 18, 2003
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One of the most known modern hackers. He started on the xbox and now is wanted in so far six different states. He is not to be messed with because he can take your life and destroy it by running you into poverty.
PwNy can dox swat and fry you he is wanted in: Texas, Washington, Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Georgia
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Short name of a World of Warcraft guild: Pretty Pink Pwnies

PPP is one of the more well known guilds in WoW for their abilities.
1. I'm leaving the battleground, Pwnies just showed up.
by Fyzzle November 03, 2006
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