big mixup or fiasco at large events , especially if they're live on TV.
1.PricewaterhouseCoopers an accounting firm which manages Academy awards voting and results.
2. due to unfortunate fiasco at 89th oscars , this term is now used synonymous to big mix up at large events.
EX. "dude ! our our's college's prom queen was pronounced wrongly by the dean!!"

"yeah! he's such a PwC !!"
by boogageekworld March 06, 2017
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Majority of elite accounting graduates choose PwC over the other big 4. The best and the brightest graduates are found in PwC, as compared to the rest of the accounting firms.
If you are from PwC, you must be an elite!
by AuditChamp November 15, 2006
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"PWC" is the acronym for Power WheelChair.
The patient was using a "PWC" due to having a spinal cord injury which resulted in quadriplegia.
by Legit-PWD February 03, 2011
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The term "P.W.C." (P-"Dub"-C) or simply (P-Dub) stands for "Proceed With Caution", and is spoken when smoking a pipe, to warn others that everything in the pipe is almost burnt, and you may inhale some ash.
"Ay dogg, P.W.C. (P-"Dub"-C) (P-Dub) on that bowl, its about cashed"
by RubbaDub9202 March 27, 2010
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