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Masterman: A man who exudes mastery and integrity because he has self-discipline, confidence, clarity of purpose on a daily basis, and strategic direction of his life. Women are extremely attracted to a masterman (think Rockstar), young boys clamor to be lead by a masterman, and peers seek the counsel of a masterman often in the context of a mastermind group.
A masterman has mastered the art of initiative and positively contributes and participates in the lives of others.
A masterman is a success in all aspects of his life.
Young Boy (to friend): "I want to be just like that masterman when I group up!"

Sexy Babe (lustful thought): "I want to make babies with that masterman!"

Rich Dude (on phone): "Hey, your solution helped me close a mega-deal, thanks! You da masterman!"
by Love Linguist April 18, 2009
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Mastermen: A group of male peers who seek the counsel of other masterman often in the context of a mastermind group.

Mastermen form alliances with other mastermen who are successful in all aspects of their lives.

(Plural of Masterman)
Young Boy (to friend): "I want to join that group of mastermen when I group up!"

Sexy Babe (proud comment): "My man associates with only the best, first-class, top-notch, mastermen in his personal life and professional endeavors."

Rich Dude (on phone): "Wow, massive brainpower for our successful product launch all because of the collaboration of mastermen. Thanks."
by Love Linguist July 21, 2009
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LML = Let's Make Love

When you feel 'I Love My Life,' don't keep it to yourself.

Go ahead and share it with you lover.

Simply whisper "LML" and slip away and make love together.
"I knew it was time the leave the party when he looked over at me and his eyes said "LML !" "

"The fastest 3 letters in seduction are L-M-L !" (Let's Make Love)
by Love Linguist June 01, 2010
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Her love bucket holds the 7 desires that a woman wants a man to fill.
"She's wanting 'her love bucket' filled with her top desire."
by Love Linguist September 30, 2008
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Lovematism is the passionate magnetic bond of lovers connecting the body, heart, mind, and soul.
You can feel that couple really has total lovematism.
by Love Linguist September 30, 2008
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Slang terminology for Lips.

The favorite L spot exercise is the pucker.

Not to be confused with the lips of the honey love pot although the L Spot has definitely been known to connect to the external CUGA spots and other hot erotic erogenous spots.
Guy to buddy: “Looking at her luscious L spot makes me want to kiss her.”

Husband to wife: “Honey, just plant one here on the L spot.”

Boyfriend to girlfriend: “I have just the place for you to wrap your L spot.”
by Love Linguist August 23, 2010
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mind-bending orgasm

A mind-bending orgasm is like being under the influence.

A guy feels like a superhero when he can turn on a gal so her b-spot swerves, her mind bends and she goes into orgasmic orbit.

A ‘mind-bender’ for short makes a gal pretty much incoherent and all she can usually do is moan 'OOOOoooooh' afterwards.
An hour after sex, gal regains consciousness: “WOW! That was a mind-bending orgasm. I feel total emotional bliss. Can we do it again?”

Guy to himself: “Boy, I’m good. Seems I’ve rearranged time and space with another mind-bending orgasm.”

Woman to friend: “Greeks may have orgasmo but I prefer a mind-bending orgasm.”
by Love Linguist March 29, 2011
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