people with cocks. an alternate name for the male species. if you are sick of calling the guy in your life a dick, when you are mad at him.. use pwc instead.
by DFuckITP. January 10, 2011
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acronym for "poor word choice"
dude: what's going on
me: nuttin
dude: gross
me: ?
me: Was that perverted?
dude: Yeah, pwc

me: so what do you think about me in this dress
bf: you look fat
me: excuse me?
bf: sorry, pwc... I mean phat... as in hot

boy 1: hey man, how's it going?
boy 2: not bad you complete tool douchebag!
boy 1: what the hell did you just say to me?
boy 2: sorry, pwc...i meant, 'not bad man'
by Trinket May 11, 2006
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