Tiny got his put off last night. He can't claim the hood
by MoKapone January 9, 2022
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1)To procrastinate or delay.

2)To be made uneasy or become interested in a person, idea, event (etc).
1)I have a paper to write but it can be put off until tomorrow.

2)Johny: "So what happen with that girl?"
Steve Badson: "Well, I was gonna hook up but now I'm just put off because she said she had the HIV"
by S34N October 23, 2007
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Put off = postpone

When you know that you will not be able to do something, then you have to put it off.
John: Sorry, but I've just missed my flight and our meeting starts at 3pm.

Jane: Don't worry John, we can put off this meeting for tomorrow.
by István Dergecz Neto October 15, 2007
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to not hang out or to lower in priority of things to do/people to meet or talk with.
Person A: Are we still on for the movies tomorrow?

Person B : I'm putting you off till tuesday because I have a doctors appointment
by yoloyolo5454545 October 3, 2013
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1. distressing, unsettling

2. annoying

3. repellent, disgusting
He wore an off-putting hat with his tattered pants and stained shirt.
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Nothing is more off-putting to a potential buyer than an apartment that's stale-smelling.
by forza milan July 18, 2008
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