3 definitions by S34N

1)To procrastinate or delay.

2)To be made uneasy or become interested in a person, idea, event (etc).
1)I have a paper to write but it can be put off until tomorrow.

2)Johny: "So what happen with that girl?"
Steve Badson: "Well, I was gonna hook up but now I'm just put off because she said she had the HIV"
by S34N October 23, 2007
Nunchucks made with glowsticks. It has become a branch-off of the popular rave pastime of glowstringing. Often each side of the glowchuck has a different color glowstick. Used in pairs.
I used to glowstring but I decided to learn glowchucks too.
by S34N November 5, 2007
A transitional word used to suddenly change topics.
Sean: So hows that new girl you're seeing?
Jeff: I don't know what you're talking about. Anywhichway, want to go to John's party tonight?
by S34N October 1, 2007