to promise something as an engagement/wedding ring symbolizes promises.
Rochelle: Are you going to call me?
Fred: You Bet. Put a ring on it.
Rochelle: Alright

Henry: Our basketball team is gonna lose this year
Greg: Not with me on the team
Henry: Man,
Greg: Trust, Put a ring on it
by srdoremi December 18, 2008
To marry someone, usually a woman. From Beyonce's song "Single Ladies."
"If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it."
-Beyonce, "Single Ladies"

Marty: "Dude, let's hit up Big Al's tonight."
Brad: "Why, what's going on?"
Marty: "2-for-1 lapdances and $3 Jager bombs, dude."
Brad: "Jager bombs? I fuckin' shower in that shit!"
Both together (imitating "My New Haircut" scene and pointing in different directions): "Jager bombs! Jager bombs! Jager bombs!"
Brad: "I can't do it, broski. It's my 4 year anniversary with Stacy. I gotta take her somewhere nice, like Applebee's or some shit."
Marty: "Damn dogg, you're still hittin' that? You fin' to put a ring on it?"
Brad: "Hell no! I'm just in it cuz she's got a nice rack, a big ol' ass, and she's crazy in the sack."
Marty: "Don't worry bro, whenever you dump that shit and get back in the game the hos will be lining up. Bitches love nice, sensitive guys like us."
Brad: "Word."
by Nicholas D February 20, 2009
A phrase that's commonly used to project favor towards another phrase or statement. Also used to express one's willingness or desire to marry a particular individual.
Ben- "Dude, Megan Fox said in an interview with GQ that she loves to smoke weed!"

Mitch- "I'll put a ring on that."
by bencalpink July 15, 2009
The act of a female allowing her boyfriend to penetrate her anally with his penis. In doing so, she proves herself to be marriage material.
Doug: Hey Rob, you've been spending a lot of time with Nancy lately.

Rob: Yeah, I think she's the one.

Doug: Wicka-Wicka what???
Rob: Dude, she put her ring on it.

Doug: Tight!
by What hubby wants December 18, 2017