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1. Plans to do in the very near future (...or an excuse for procrastination)
2. About to start something
3. (To a lesser degree) To make preparations for something
4. In the case that it is an excuse, it's also cause for a good butt whoopin

See Finna
Mama: Boy did you clean that room yet?
Boy: I'm Fin' to!
Mama: What did you say!
Boy: I'm about to do it right now.
Mama: That's right. You better had!
by J Mack July 10, 2005
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about to begin, to initiate, to start.
New Orleans contraction of "fixing to"
I'm finto wop you one on the side of your head if you don't stop bugging me
by germinate March 16, 2005
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One who purports to know more than he/she actually does. A false intellectual. Fintos tend to be hipsters, scenesters and or college students studying post modernism or "Po-mo" for short. They enjoy talking about "underground" indie bands as well. They also tend to cling to geek-chic with thick rimmed glasses so as to appear more intellectual.
"Wow. Look at that chick. With her book on post femininism, her deck clothes, and horn-rimmed glasses. She looks like such a finto."
"That's singer songwriter Lisa Loeb"
"Oh. That's deck I guess"
by Panch May 02, 2004
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