A woman who is dressed professionally and is also stylish can be described as “put together.” A neutral compliment devoid of any sexual overtones.
Have you seen Svetlana today? She’s always so beautiful and put together.
by Oceanvandal1 November 6, 2018
used in the car business. to make something seem more appealing than it really it. a different way of lying.
Fred, this guy wants the Altima, but he said he wants $300 payments... ima use the put together plan and put him in a Versa.
by That dude JAE August 24, 2008
A slang term used to explain that someone has either been taken advantage of or ripped off or has been made to look foolish.
You paid 150 dollars for a fake Rolex? And you knew it was fake? You just got put together!
by erGONOMic May 19, 2008
When something is so awesome, there is no word or phrase but this one to describe the awesomeness of the 'thing'
"Guy 1: Did you see the new episode of Spongebob last night?"
"Guy 2: Yeah man, it was like meth and cocaine put together!"
by Brickyjinx September 29, 2013
A dumb movie cliche line often used when the main character or antagonist try to create a a squad of people like them in order to accomplish another cliche of defeating the main antagonist or protagonist by working together.
"I'm building a team." -(Batman to flash)
"I'm putting together a team."- (Beckett to Han Solo)
"what are we some kind of suicide squad?" -(Will Smith to that one girl who made the suicide squad)
"Hey I'm putting together a team of gay pornstars, would you like to join?"
by TheMagic17 January 15, 2019
Not the brightest person: Who did you vote for in the 2008 presidential election?
Me: Sure as hell not McCain
Not the brightest person: So you voted for Obama?
Me: Put the puzzle together dipshit
by Jizzy Jan April 10, 2010