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A woman who is dressed professionally and is also stylish can be described as “put together.” A neutral compliment devoid of any sexual overtones.
Have you seen Svetlana today? She’s always so beautiful and put together.
by Oceanvandal1 November 06, 2018
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A slang term used to explain that someone has either been taken advantage of or ripped off or has been made to look foolish.
You paid 150 dollars for a fake Rolex? And you knew it was fake? You just got put together!
by erGONOMic May 18, 2008
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used in the car business. to make something seem more appealing than it really it. a different way of lying.
Fred, this guy wants the Altima, but he said he wants $300 payments... ima use the put together plan and put him in a Versa.
by That dude JAE August 24, 2008
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