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The midsize Nissan sedan favored by Mexicans in LA as the most stylish, impressive ride that one can have. Similar to black people with older Cadillacs, Mexicans turn these moderately priced family sedans into show cars, with flashy rims, illegal tints, and RIP Lupe *Baby Angelita* Lopez 1983-2007 decals on the back window.
"Eyy, Marysol's been hating on me ever since I got my Altima. I mean, yeah, I gots moon roof and leather, but I'm still Carlita from the block!"
by carlitafromtheblock July 29, 2009
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A Mid-sized family car that is made by Nissan. The Altima came into production in 1992 and is known for its great handling. It has the most HP in its class and it owns skylines even on its worst days. The Altima comes with 150 hp stock, in 2000 it came with 155. In the year 2002, the V-6 altima came with 240 HP. Thus making it a Japanese supercar.
My mom drove me to school in a Nissan Altima, now I drive it because I am a pimp.
by Osama August 04, 2003
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Nissan's family-sized sedan that, since the early '90s, has become a much more stylish and powerful up to date. It is very poplar for both practicality and performance, ranging from base model trims to the fairly new and very fast SE-R. Traditionally seen as a just another four-door, the Altima has developed into a luxurious, full-sized sports sedan.
My Altima SE-R is one of the fasted FWD sedans ever made.
by L'Italiano Vero January 19, 2006
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A mid-size family sedan that has been modded by people into some pretty sick-ass rides. Definitely not a supercar (supercars are pretty much limited production by definition), but at the same time not a ricer.
Driving around San Diego, CA, will give you some sick examples of the Nissan Altima.
by Oscar or Something April 27, 2008
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Old Latin for "Feared". Mostly used on a kid's middle name. Most "Altimas"s show no emotions, or act it out. They tend to be really shy. However, they seem to be able to get along with anyone.
Friend 1: Man, why do we hang out with that kid?

Friend 2: Because he's Altimas!
by N-Dr December 27, 2008
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