4. Nickname for rookie running back Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings.
The Vikings beat the Falcons thanks to a 60 yard pass reception and run by Purple Jesus.
by mphilg September 13, 2007
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Minnesota Vikings running back and future NFL Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson.
Man, did you see Purple Jesus shred that Bears D yesterday?
by PurpleJesus September 10, 2007
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The ultimate party juice! Fill a bathtub(preferably a clean one) with grape kool-aid, quartered citrus fruit, Everclear(or another high proof grain alcohol)and ice. Let it sit for a few hours then party on! The best part is eating the fruit towards the end of the party! Enjoy!
My folks are out of town for the weekend, call the gang and mix up the Purple Jesus!!
by Incog Neato July 15, 2004
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A drink made by squeezing concentrated grape juice down the neck of a fifth or a quart of cheap vodka. Shake, serve, and drink: preferably on a levee river bank. This drink has been known in the San Joaquin Valley of Northern California for over fifty years and is rumored to be from the hobo camps: a tramp cocktail not for amateurs.
My first alcoholic drink was a paper cup filled to the brim with Purple Jesus.
by St. Charles September 5, 2009
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An Alcoholic beverage containing Golden Grain Alcohol or Everclear 190 pf, Sprite and any type of Grade Soda

WARNING: This drink improves your ability to talk to members of the opposite gender exponentially. It will take you to heaven, but be prepared to wake up in hell.
"We had Purple Jesus at that Alpha Chi social last night, I slept with 2 sloots and made out with my best friend. The bartender said he's never seen such a blacked-out crowd by midnight"

"Purple Jesus took me to heaven last night, but it looks like I woke up next to Satan himself"
by purpandred January 13, 2012
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Cheap miscellaneous booze mixed with grape juice, served in a vat or garbage bin that tastes as good as it sounds. (absolutely horrible)
P1: it's purple, but why is it called purple jesus?
P2: try some
*P1 tries it*
P1: JESUS!!!!
by Jon Weatherhead July 5, 2007
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A large amount of ends of bottles of liquor, mixed together with bug juice, and usually served out of a tub or trash can. Named because it is purple, and will be seen again later.
I drank way too much purple jesus, and passed out on the lawn.
by DangerDave September 12, 2006
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