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Vertical lines from the corner of the mouth that descend to the chin, forming jowls and making the mouth resemble that of a ventriloquist's puppet. Primarily found on low-wage earning, fifty-plus office hags who seldom smile.
Did ya check out that temp they stuck up front when you came in?

Where do they get these hags? She looks like Charlie McCarthy.

Total puppet-mouth, dude. I bet she has lever inside the back of her shirt.
by crank-slapper October 20, 2009
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The act in which an indvidual feels compelled to greet a co-worker everytime he/she is passed in the hallway or row of cubicles; however, after the 3rd or so paqss no audible greeting comes out. The mouth only opens and closes like the mouth of a puppet.
Jim had said "Hello" to me 14 times that morning already, so by the time I passed him in the afternoon I could only muster up puppet-mouth.
by Rick0307 September 22, 2006
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A bizarre and disturbing affliction restricted to the female population and brought on by rapid aging/degeneration. Sufferers develop vertically lined, Pinocchio-like semi-detached mouths that may or may not be operated using invisible strings above their heads. The super-morbidly obese are normally safe from Puppet Mouth, with the notable exception of brontosaurus-boned Heather from Eastenders.
'Hell, Jools, can you turn the channel over? I can't look at that old crow Deirdre's Puppet Mouth any longer, it's ruining Corrie for me!'
by jez1974 December 31, 2009
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A mouth seen frequently on Polish descendants, where the mouth (at rest) forms a large frown that looks like a puppet's mouth. It appears to hinge lower on the jaw than normal mouths, like a trap door.
That woman has a huge puppet mouth, like she could dump the entire tray of cookies in her mouth at once!
by SMRTr January 24, 2008
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