When a boxer or person is able to fight above their weight class or if a person is able to take on or accomplish things out side their class.
Nick is a middle weight but he hits so hard he can punch up and fight heavy weight too.
by Oneofidiots December 5, 2017
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To temporarily be with someone, sexually or casually, who is out of your league.
I have no idea why he's into me, he's beautiful and has like 3 degrees. Just punch up the sex is probably great
by Somerandomdiva May 3, 2015
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Punching up is a term use when someone engages in a conflict with an adversary who has greater power/status then themselves. It's also known by the phrase: "Speaking truth to power". The antonym of "Punching up" would be "Punch down", wherein someone engages in a conflict with an adversary who has less power/status then themselves.
Person 1: What does it mean to "punch up"?
Person 2: Well, say that you engage a Feminist in a debate. You would be punching up since Feminism is the status quo (Meaning it has societal power/status.) and debating it in any form would mean having to challenge someone with more power than you yourself has. You're "punching up" at the person who is above you.
by Saudades October 14, 2015
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(n) 1)The act of a male being sexually relieved by hand. The hand is to form a loosely clenched fist where which the penis is inserted. With constant grip the penis is stroked up and downward until ejaculation.
2)The much enjoyed ending to an oriental massage. Also known as a Happy ending.
I tell you, I'm so stressed out. I could go for a punch up at the West Garden Spa.
by Taco17 February 22, 2008
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Making jokes at the expense of someone who is of a higher level of power in terms of status or privilege.
Racist jokes, rape jokes, gay jokes, are all punching down, because they are all at the expense of the groups with less power. If you flip them around, and make the dominant group the target instead, it is funny to punch up.
by whimsyDances September 13, 2014
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Slang (Mainly Brit.)

Slugging Fist-fight which will often involve fairly even numbers and teams of around 5-10 a piece (usually, there are exceptions such as major punch-ups). The fight will continue until either all competitiors have ejected themselves but the victor, or until a form of authority has arrived to separate everyone.
We had a punch-up in the local park over the weekend.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
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A Non-American term meaning 'Massive Fight'.
by Psionic22 February 6, 2010
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