For someone of higher rank, power, status, and position to engage someone of much lesser and/or inferior rank, status, power, and position in debate and/or argument. Not limited to just status, power, position, and rank but can and often do include intellect, capability, competence, and acumen.
Oprah Winfrey didn't dignify Donald Trump's attack on her with a response because she doesn't believe in punching down.
by bigtexansfan February 20, 2018
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Making a choice that is beneath your personal level of acceptance or standard.
"Dog, ol' girl wants to get with me but I ain't feelin' her look. I ain't punching down just to get some pussy."

"My job wants me to take a pay cut for the same amount of work? Oh no, I am not punching down-fuck that I'm out!!!"
by CeeBeeGeeBee_65 May 15, 2020
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