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A true Punk Rocker.

One who knows that Republicans and Libertarians stand for a smaller Government, i.e. Minarchy or Ararchy which mean little or no Government, and letting people live how THEY want to. Which has always been what Punk has stood for.

And knows that the Democrats stand for a bigger Government, i.e. Socialism and Communism which mean that the Government will control everything and make you LIVE LIKE THEY WANT YOU TO. Which has always been what Punk is against.
liberal punk: To hell with Republicans and Libertarians! They are everything we stand against! Go Obama!

conservative punk: Uh dude, you know that Democrats, Socialists and Communists stand for a bigger Government which will make us live how they WANT us to right? Thats why I didn't vote for him, I'm for what Punk TRUELY stands for: freedom and individuality.

liberal punk: Your right, I'm such a poser...

conservative punk: Yeah, you are. But don't feel bad, you can still change.
by Saudades November 12, 2009
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A faggy wannabe Metalhead. Typically listens to bands such as Slayer, Bring Me the Horizon, Metallica, Cannibal Corpse and In Flames because they're so br00tal and heavy. Your average Br00tal kid can be found on Youtube going to songs by bands that aren't br00tal enough and telling posters that their music sucks and to go listen to the br00tal bands they love. Of course this doesn't work because, as everyone knows, br00tal kids are just fags who shouldn't be minded.

Other bands that Br00tal kids like include, but are not limited to:
Job For a Cowboy
3 Inches of Blood
Judas Priest
Chelsea Grin
The Black Dahlia Murder
Iron Maiden
See You Next Tuesday
Design the Skyline
Youtuber: I love *Insert band here*, I've been a fan of them for about 5 years now.


Youtuber: Fuck off dumbass.
by Saudades March 07, 2012
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Punching up is a term use when someone engages in a conflict with an adversary who has greater power/status then themselves. It's also known by the phrase: "Speaking truth to power". The antonym of "Punching up" would be "Punch down", wherein someone engages in a conflict with an adversary who has less power/status then themselves.
Person 1: What does it mean to "punch up"?
Person 2: Well, say that you engage a Feminist in a debate. You would be punching up since Feminism is the status quo (Meaning it has societal power/status.) and debating it in any form would mean having to challenge someone with more power than you yourself has. You're "punching up" at the person who is above you.
by Saudades October 13, 2015
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The 21st century version of a "Yellow dog Democrat". The term came about following the election of Donald Trump, when left-wingers began proclaiming that they would vote for Adolf Hitler if he ran against Trump in the following election (despite the fact that Trump apparently IS Hitler). This admission that they would happily vote for Hitler so long as he ran as a Democrat led people to 'update' the term "Yellow dog Democrat" to reflect the current state of American (or, more specifically, left-wing) politics.
Person A: I would vote for a Hitler/Biden ticket if it means getting Trump out of office!

Person B: Do you even hear yourself, you idiotic Hitler Democrat.
by Saudades October 09, 2020
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In Korea, the term "skinship" is used to describe the act of intimate, non-sexual touching between very close (Usually same-sex, but can include both genders.) platonic friends. It involves acts such as holding hands/arms, hugging, and kissing on the cheeks.

Sometimes it goes even deeper than that and can even involve bathing together, as Koreans (And the Japanese) believe that group nudity helps break down the barriers and helps establish a closer relationship.
It's not unusual to see Koreans walking and holding hands with each other, even if they're not in a relationship. That just means that they have a deep skinship with each other.
by Saudades January 07, 2014
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