A rather gigantic young man with humongous pectoral muscles made quasi-famous on a popular blog about douchebags and the hot chicks that for some reason gravitate towards their metrosexual preening and faketannedness.
He was known for his look of sheer blankness and his propensity to firmly grasp the mammary glands of his women in public whilst having their picture taken, before his untimely death.
I know Pumpy, and you sir are no Pumpy!

by captain abag November 10, 2008
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Used to describe any rock climbing maneuver that is extremely strenuous on the upperbody.

Synonyms: tiring, taxing, exhausting
1. "Damn! That overhang was pumpy. My grip is spent."
by Dolly Dalton September 07, 2013
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Adj. The feeling of having "the pump" during or after a workout. The feeling you get when blood is rushing into the muscles. Made popular in 2011 at the Friskis & Svettis gym in Newbridge.
I feel pumpy!

My biceps are pumpy!

My pecs feel pumpy!

Are you pumpy?

Feelin' pumpy?!
by PumpyPecs August 15, 2011
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