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The act of wondering aimlessly through a city in the dead of night.
"Whoa! Where'd those shoes come from dude? I don't know, but it's probably the product of Pulling-a-Tyler!
by dannngggfunny March 23, 2011
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When someone sleeps on the same bed, couch, or sofa with another person and manages to let the opportunity of getting in their pants slip by.
Pablo was pulling a Tyler when hr slept with Jordana last night
by Juanito Tyler June 28, 2014
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The act of pretending to forgot money so you don't have to pay in a situation where it is too late to say no.
Derek went to lunch and conveniently forgot his wallet. So his co-worker had to pay. He was pulling a Tyler.
by Need to be Published February 06, 2014
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Eating all the food in your fridge, at an event, or at your friends house.
Person 1: Where did all my food go?
Person 2: I don't know, When Jimmy was here he was probably Pulling a Tyler when he was here
by Themadglitcher June 15, 2018
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Randomly deleting everything you post on a social media and rebranding it.
I'm about to go start pulling a Tyler and delete all my posts
by Kurtcobean May 22, 2017
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