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Ditching one's friends to, instead, fiercely masturbate in the dark in one's room.
Rather than coming over to watch SNL with us, he stayed home and was pulling an Eddie instead.
by maureenhenry March 16, 2010
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When the father of your child doesn't acknowledge the baby,when knowing they are the father,and doesn't want to pay child support. (i.e Eddie Murphy with Mel B's baby)
"Hey girl have you heard from Russel?"

"Hell naw, you know he be pulling an Eddie!"
by Deshe November 28, 2007
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To tell your friend (someone who is obviously a tool) that you and everyone else are going one place and you really go to a different place. Therefore the tool friend will go off to some random place by himself and feel like a dumbass.
Dude, i am pulling an eddie on gould later cause he is a tool. Lets tell him to go to the movies when we are actually getting food.

Man, pulling an eddie is so fun especially on someone who is a major tool like estes.
by ntool February 27, 2006
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