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The act of going in to hook up with a girl without asking or planning on it. This is usually done at the most oddest of times, and also is very very random. This lasts for about one minute.
Scene: Two friends are in an argument.

Man 1: I hate you!
Man 2: Holy shit! Jim is pulling a brad.
by pseudonym13256 August 11, 2011
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skiveing off work/school
man1: hey where is ocland? Why isnt he at school?
man2: that shit head is pulling a brad
by shush its me dave July 21, 2009
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Pulling a Brad is when an employee handles work-related request with such enthusiasm and charisma that he/she will actually begin to flex uncontrollably, typically to the point where clothing is damaged (see hulk out).
Person 1: Hey buddy, do you mind getting me some more printer paper? We are getting pretty low.
Person 1: Looks like someone is pulling a Brad today...
by Immortalbrad August 30, 2010
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When someone in a group of people awkwardly forces a conversation about running or cycling.
I left the conversation after he started Pulling A Brad.
by The Real Thor December 16, 2014
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