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A.) Lying for no apparent reason

B.) Trying to act Super Straight when your really Super Gay.

C.) Carrying large amounts of pennies on you for no reason at all.

D.) One upping someone on something really dumb.

E.) Equating every situation to a sexual act.

F.) Wearing jeans 3 sizes to small for you.
A.) Greg: Hey guys it so sunny outside right now.
Everyone else: Its fucking raining you dumbass. Your always Pulling a Smith !

B.) Greg: Damn look at the ass on that chick.
Phil: That's Dave from IT you faggot.

C.) Gay prostitute: That will be $200.00 for that blowjob, I only take pennies.
Greg: Outrageous!

D.) Phil: man, that bitch gives great head.
Greg: Well, Ah, hmm, I GIVE IT BETTER....yeah!

E.) Tom: My mom just fell down the stairs and broke her wrist.
Greg: LOL, she probably fell because she was banging! Hey Tom wanna Bang! LOL.

F.) Bill: Greg, where did you get those jeans?
Greg: Oh, Baby Gap
by Phil from Philly October 20, 2008
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