A horrible person who punches you in the testicles for no reason at all and is therefore a huge wanker.
Did you hear that Connor got Chris Smith'd today?
by some one you don't know September 8, 2010
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The greatest person alive. He's funny as hell and is always down for an adventure. Everyone loves him because he's incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. He's the best boyfriend in the world, you can't find anyone else like him. He's got eyes you get lost in and a voice so soothing you'll want to listen to it forever. He's extremely sweet and makes you feel like the specialest person on the planet. But don't get fooled by his sweet side, once you two are alone, he's really sexy and you'll want to please him as much as you can. Freak in bed. Super hard NOT to fall in love with him. You'll be lucky to have him, don't ever let him go.
My boyfriend makes me feel like a queen every day, I'm so in love with him.
Aw! You've got a Chris Smith! Girl you lucky.
by ya girl ^2 November 27, 2016
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Using an assumed identity to sneak into a highly exclusive, sold-out event. Specifically, impersonating a real, low-level member of the media /press (e.g. Chris Smith, Fox News graphics department) to gain entry into a major tournament, concert, prize fight etc.
"Dude, there's no way Simon can get tickets to the World Cup!"

"Nah, Bro, I'm not worried about him. He's Pulling a Chris Smith!"
by cellafestiva September 14, 2017
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These tacos are Chris Smith!
by Hahah jabs December 11, 2021
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