The action when, during intercourse, the male takes out his penis of the woman before ejaculation, this is used as a form of birth control.
The pull-out game can also be described as weak or strong depending on how good the male is at pulling out at the right time
"Have you been gettin' any lately?" "Yeah, my pull-out game strong though, I don't want no damned children."
by TheMagicalNoodle January 7, 2018
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When the pussy too good that you try to get that last lil stroke in & bust a nut in a hoe & end up with

child support
Tony pull out game weak asf
by james Crawford February 18, 2015
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When you about to bust a nut in a hoe, but you successfully pull out every time to not get the thot pregnant.
Tyrone- Yeah cuz I always be fucking Keisha, but I never bust inside the thot.
Taqavius- Yeah, that's my nigga! Pull out game strong!
by RKDI13 June 5, 2014
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When you try to pull your charger out of the wall but you can't for some reason
I'm tryna pull my charger out of the wall but I can't. I guess my pull out game weak.
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Having 3 or more children that are close in age from more than one woman.
He got 4 kids from 3 different women he got a weak pull out game.
by Son of a gun February 10, 2015
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