Pull through to the party”
“We’re chilling at my crib, pull through
by ItsPSK September 17, 2021

When a friend agrees to wingman or accompany to an event, a hangout, or a request.

>>>A life saver.
Elizabeth: you wanna chill at the mall over break?
Sarah: yeah! I'm down!
Joseph: nahh
Elizabeth: Sarah always pulls through.

Elizabeth wanted to do something over break instead of boring herself at home. When others didn't want to go, Sarah pulled through when she agreed to go.
by BlingBerry December 8, 2016
A parking space where the adjacent spot is also empty allowing for a speedier exit. The driver pulls through the first spot continuing on to the adjacent spot and thus avoids having to back out of their spot when leaving.
Joe: Shoot! I can't find a parking space anywhere.
Brianne: Oh! over there! check it out, it's a pull-through!
Joe: Oh nice! I heart the pull-through.
by Joshua Sherman January 9, 2008
Slang in New Zealand for a person who implies they will show up for something, then at the last minute, doesn't.
"John Doe is such a Pull Though, he said he'd come to Auckland with us but he txt to say today its too expensive.", "Yeah John is such a Pull Through - he didn't even come to my birthday"
by bazil64 November 10, 2009
- to perform when most needed, to come back from losing to win because of one persons surprise excellence.
All of a sudden they threw the football to the 10 year old and he ran all the way to the endzone, kid pulled through in the clutch.
by shady guju August 25, 2005