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The art of bullshitting your way through a conversation not having the first clue about the subject.
"You don't know the answer? Well then, just pull a Palin and act like no one knows the difference."
by byroney38 October 03, 2008
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to avoid a question by stating some unrelated things that you want to talk about instead
What are you going to do when your wife asks you where you've been all this time at the bar?

I'm going to pull a Palin and talk about our plans to go to Orlando next month.
by saustin October 18, 2008
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to mislead a person to believe what you want.
"Dude Chuck totally pull a Palin on Sarah, she thinks he's a doctor!"
"I tryed to pull a Palin on her and it didn't work!"
by Obama 4 Prez October 20, 2008
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When asked a question, to reply with something completely unrelated to what was just asked. Can be used when one does not understand the question, or simply when one would rather answer a different question.
Person 1: "Hey dude, do you know where the bathroom is here?"
Person 2: "John McCain is just a regular maverick."
Person 1: "Fuck man, don't pull a palin!
Person 2: "Doggonit, there you go again, god bless you.
Person 1: "Idiot."
by Jorloff October 07, 2008
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To "get back to someone" when you do not know the answer to the question someone has asked you.
person 1 "Global warming is a hoax"
person 2 "Do you have any proof?"
person 1 "I'm gonna pull a palin and get back to you on that one"
by Hansmgee May 19, 2009
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The act of distracting others from a weak position by showcasing a nice set of breasts.
"You mean our positions on the war, the economy, foreign affairs and medical research didn't work? Call them liberals and pull a Palin!"
by Lancasterator September 22, 2008
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To avoid answering questions directly because you don't know the answer, or you don't want the person to talking to knowing the real answer, and talking about another subject you do know something about, or something to flatter or distract the other person, instead. Also resorting to speaking in talking points, folksy colloquialisms, or buzz words to avoid answering questions while trying to look like you know what you're talking about and to keep from having to give an honest or valid answer.
"I didn't do any research for my oral report on raising chickens so I pulled a Palin and started talking about how to make fried chicken."

"I knew that car salesman was full of crap when he pulled a Palin on every question I asked about the car. The last straw was when I asked him about gas mileage and he just said, 'Little lady, I can tell you all day about how few times you'll need to take this pony to the trough but we ought to close the barn door on it before some eagle eye rustles it up from ya. Why don't we just talk about it in the office while I get the papers ready' I ran as fast as I could.

"When I asked my boyfriend about the rumor he was doing gay porn, he pulled a Palin and mumbled something about my friends trying to pull a smear campaign."

"If he asks you what you were doing afternoon, pull a Palin and talk about your new car and how cute his kids are."
by Brett Burkhardt October 03, 2008
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