Simple and unpretentious in behavior; Characterized by informality and affability; Modest, low-key; Characteristic of country life.

JERRY: Hey, remember Beth and David from yesterday? They got separated.

GEORGE: Really? {Realizes} Well, you don't think it had anything to do with what I said, do you?

JERRY: What'd you say?

GEORGE: You know, that, that thing about her being too good for him. I mean, I was just bein' folksy. They could tell I was just being folksy..?

ELAINE: Yeah, I thought you were being folksy.

GEORGE: Totally folksy.
by c/spizz April 10, 2008
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What hideous under-qualification, gracelessness, and a stupefying lack of knowledge is played off as in modern politics. Conservatives are particularly guilty of this tactic, fond of using it to reel in working and middle class voters alienated by elitist, out of touch liberals who want to force affordable healthcare, safe working conditions, sane tax policy, and social protections on them and their families.

May also result in lucrative speaking engagements and an army of sign-toting morons falling all over themselves to sing the praises of a "hockey mom" making 2500% of their yearly salary.
"What, Bush just mangled the English language again? He's not dumb, that' just his folksiness-he's just a down home, unsophisticated good ol' boy Yale graduate from Connecticut"

"I can sit down and have a beer with cousin Delbert too, but I don't want him anywhere near the Nuclear Football"
by Ava Devine's snatch May 11, 2010
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