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When you cheat, lie, or deceive your spouse in such a way.. that they can never forgive you unless you buy them something big expensive and fancy to show your "love" for them. Just how Kobe Bryant bought his wife a lamborghini.
After having an affair with a co worker.. and his wife finding out. John had to pull a kobe out of nowhere and bought her a alpaca rug, diamond ear rings, and a BMW.
by Q. Wedin November 29, 2009
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To get caught cheating and rat out your friend for cheating, even though s/he hasn't gotten caught; similar to the way Kobe announce Shaq cheats on his wife when he got accused of rape.
Hey, did you hear what happened to Nicole?

Yea, her boyfriend found out she was cheating, and she decided to pull a kobe on Mary. Then, Mary's boyfriend dumped her for cheating.
by DWing April 28, 2011
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