A male who has been vomited upon while receiving oral sex. Not to be confused with a barf dick.
by lokomo February 22, 2010
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Wipe the dick puke off your chin, Margret, your parents are here.
by dammit janet May 21, 2003
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n., ejaculate.
v., to ejaculate
Noun; Her blindness was only temporary, caused from overcasting my dick puke.

Verb; I rather my mate squeeze feathers before I dick puke.
by rankstorn September 6, 2013
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So one night you’re laying in bed and your stomach starts to hurt. So you go to the bathroom to drop a dook. You start pumpin out some snickers but then you realize you gotta puke. With your b-hole all greased up, you’re hesitant to get off the shitter. Before you can even make any decision, your throat sphincter gives in and releases your intestine goo. Reacting quickly, you aim down at the toilet you are still sitting on... and now you have a puke dick. Nice goin a-hole.
Miguel Cumbrera: Yo amigo. How you handling the quarantino?

Antonio Bonederas: Mi Hermano it’s not going so bueno. Last night I went to drop some snickers in the punch bowl, and I ended up with puke-dick & shit too. At least I can’t go anywhere, so my chicas at the club won’t know.

Miguel Cumbrera: Hombre that’s some gnarly mierda you got there. You and me should get together tomorrow for drinks. How about some Coronas?
by Stoney69 March 25, 2020
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When a girl is throwing up & you go from behind & put it in her ass.
Last night my girlfriend was so hammered that when she bent over to hurl I puke dicked her right in the ass.
by Big P. Bob November 3, 2017
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