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Put Me D, the act of getting someone(typically a friend) to introduce you to a guy/girl for you so u can get their number n stuff.
Hey your sister is really cute, you should totally “pmd”. No way man!!! That’s my sister!!
by Themoreyouknowmom April 13, 2018
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Literally - "Private Messaged" See PM.
Often seen in online communities bulletin board/forums or chat rooms such as IRC.
Me: I just PM'd you my email addy
You: kthx
by AH_Hornet December 04, 2008
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It stands for Post Musical Depression, it's after you have a great time then it's over. Can be cured by another musical.
Hasitha: PMD is hurting me bro
Rohan: totally feel you
Sarah: can't wait for this summer!
Hasitha and Rohan: Trueeee it's going to be great!

P.M.D is Post Musical Depression
by RoarTastic_1 April 03, 2017
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me: *sees someone attractive, has to tell someone about the person but is embarrassed to say pound me daddie so writes PMD*

rat: PMD
loser: what
by dierat420 July 27, 2016
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PMD, or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a story telling game that has a great story, that can be happy, emotional, and sad. Sure, it might look just like a typical Pokemon game at first, but when you play it, you'll change your mind (and probably cry at the end too). Some games in this series are also not afraid to talk about dark stuff like death and depression. Stuff you wouldn't see in a normal Pokemon game.
Person 1: "When will the next PMD game come out?"
Person 2: "I don't know"
via giphy
by (^’.’)> hello! May 01, 2018
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Stands for "Put Me Down" meaning to fill one in or catch someone up on current information/situation(s).
"Fuck these games man, it's time for you to PMD."
by Joshiro007 March 08, 2003
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When a man blows his load to early without the woman having any pleasure.More or less a man's worst enemy happens to the best of us at times.Leaving the woman unsatisfied and the man embarrassed.
Cate:Omg sarah mike pm'd last nite

Sarah:Jesus sarah that guy needs to jack off more or at least before u guys fuck.
by Aaron Phelan July 04, 2010
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