Yarrow (verb) \yär•row\ (TO Yarrow)

To engage in conduct deemed unethical (i.e. David Yarrow baiting animals for wildlife photography) and called out pubicly on social media.
Yo son, you better put the mice away, there's a dude with a phone scope looking at you and you're about to get Yarrowed.
by tree_frog February 08, 2021
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Achillea millefolium. A pretty wildflower with garden varieties often used for its medicinal properties.

In the ancient divination I Ching, people traditionally threw the dried long stalks of the Yarrow flower instead of coins.

Sometimes used instead of hops in the Middle Ages to brew! Yum.
the sea-side is covered in beautiful yarrow and sea grasses.
by beautyinreality February 03, 2010
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Yarrow is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, he is really kind to the people he is close too. hes a really good friend but also really sweet in a relationship. He has a very simple sense of humor but can always make you laugh, an amazing sense of fashion, and one of the most handsome guys you can come across. he is super excepting to communities and is willing to hear your opinion, he fights for what he believes in and on top of all of that, you can get lost in his beautiful eyes in a matter of seconds.
Yarrow is the nicest guy i've ever met
by HarryNipple May 18, 2021
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Small town located outside of Chilliwack, BC. Finding Yarrow also can compare to finding "A hole in the ground".
After finding Yarrow, any feat is possible.
by The Black Plague June 22, 2003
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Yarrow is a small self sufficiant community outside of Chilliwack where everyone smokes pot and drinks beer. Most of the citizens of Yarrow are rednecks.

If you live in yarrow you live there for one or more of these 3 reasons:
- You are rich and have a lot of land
- You're a farmer or hobby farmer
- Or you are a pot cultivator

yarrow is the safest place to smoke ANYTHING
"Welcome To *yarrow scratched out* Our Pot Cloud!"
by Chauncey Eckert April 18, 2010
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Girl1- his yarrow felt so good inside of me
Girl2- really?
Girl1- yup
by Kyrsp33dy September 13, 2014
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cleaned out, the trash taken out, freshened, made peaceful, deloused.
You're not wanted here anymore so you've been yarrowed.
by graagron elaen nedmac February 08, 2006
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