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Small town in Southern Colorado where dreams go to die.
Pueblo - Where dreams go to die.
by NHier May 06, 2010
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the spanish word for town.
"That's my pueblo." from P.O.D's song - Booyaka 619 (Rey Mysterio theme song).
by emmie lou:D December 13, 2007
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A city of about 100,000 in Southern Colorado, south of Colorado Springs.
Man, this town is lamer than Pueblo.
by JEKIDD April 24, 2007
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1. A town in Southern Colorado that has the most bars per capita, highest teen-pregnancy rate, drug-dealers, beaners, and straight up shitty rating in the western United States

2. A horrible impoverished town with no opportunities that people return to year after year

3. A mostly mexican town that somehow has the most medal of honor recipients
You don't want to end up in Pueblo dude
by Geni Neel April 08, 2009
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Pueblo is a small Southern Colorado town that unfortunately gets made fun of a lot, but we can handle it. We do things different here, we have what I like to call, "It's a Pueblo thing." We often have people come into our bars selling everything from packages of meat, jewelry, candy, and always burritos and soppapillas.
Buying a burrito from a stranger with a cooler, never wondering how many cats are in his apartment, "It's a Pueblo thing."
by Pueblo Pfunny August 18, 2017
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a small town in a barren wasteland filled with mexicans who all join in a mass pretend game that they are blacks living in a major city.
Pueblo resident: *fake Pubelo ebonics*
Person from real city: Yeah, cut the crap. I can spot that fake Pubelo ebonics a mile away.
by Jack B Nimble Jack B quick March 25, 2011
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