A small bluetooth-enabled GPS reciever used to enable otherwise non-location-aware bluetooth-enabled devices (such as cellular phones) to be location-aware.
I bought a puck for my Blackberry Pearl so I can use Google Maps!
by L-geek November 10, 2008
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Just a funny substitute word for "fuck."
Jonah: Puck you, miss!
Miss: Beg your pardon
Jonah: I said Puck you with P
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by rewardx February 11, 2021
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PUCK! word that can mean anything, it breaks the ice etc
"what you doing?" "PUCK!"

"im pucked, bro."
by boswallocks November 08, 2012
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A slightly crazy man who (most likely) lives in the woods. Can survive with nothing but a hatchet in complete wilderness. This is the type of guy you would want in a zombie apocalypse. However, if you encounter a Puck in his natural habitat...turn and run. He WILL try and convert you. Also, he will most definitely give you a reason to rhyme his name with a certain word...
Holy shit! Look at that Puck! He's totally gonna slaughter that goat.....wait wut?

Wow, you totally pucked that up.
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Means the same as the actual word "fuck" but used by pussies who dont cuss.
Pussy who doesn't cuss: *sees something out of the ordinary where you'd usually say, "what the fuck"" but says "What the puck!"
by Young wrangler January 18, 2017
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