A pot hocket is when you forcefully insert your dog into your blender and then set your blender on fire, while chanting "POT HOCKET" loudly. Also a form of soup.
Man, did you hear? Jimmy pot hocketed his dog.
Belinda set about preparing her kitchen for pot hocket.
by Nuebuekuemue September 13, 2017
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Someone who partakes in the action of fucking a Hot Pocket (abbreviated to 'Hocket' for ease of speech). There are several tiers to Hocket fuckers, ranging from one-time experimenters to individuals who regularly Hocket fuck, climax into, and consume their abused Hot Pockets.
Tony accidentally posted a video of himself fucking a Hot Pocket and went viral across the world. Now everyone knows that Tony is a Hocket fucker. Whoops.
by WHC_Omega November 23, 2015
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Those little pieces of shit and toilet paper debris found on the back of a toiletseat after numerous people have wiped their ass.
Tommy: Mom! Timmy’s in the bathroom taking all the pot hockets and he’s not leaving any for me!”
Mom: “Go make your own Dear.”
by Chili2 October 24, 2017
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it is another word for hottie and if you say hock it is like saying hot
Whats up hocket?
(Whats up hottie?)
by Anna August 11, 2004
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Hockets is a common typo for the word 'Hockey'.
Mr.Mackaveli> Hey, whos watching Finland Vs. Canada tonight?
Blue Nun> Naw man, hockets is boring!
by Dettatura September 24, 2004
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