Verb - similiar to being retarded but thinks with their penis... hence the ptardedness. retarded dumb ass jtorched jneen midgets clowns jocks
Getting head from that skanky ho was really ptarded of you.
by ssatanica April 8, 2009
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Someone who primarly thinks with their penis, acting impulsively on the things they lust for. Often making clumsy or unhealthy choices in a blinded state of hormonal ecstasy.
"These ptards keep tagging images of women as huge breasted when they are clearly A-Cups".
"That ptard John won't leave the bathroom he has probably been watching porn the whole time".
"Look at that coomer over there, he is practically a ptard at this point spending all of his money on egirls and what not".
by WudoTCW September 12, 2020
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1. Ptard is the short form of the words "pretty tard".

2. An attractive person who acts like a tard but is generally accepted because of their looks.
by Scollardical June 24, 2007
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A retarded penis usually curving to the left a ways, creating awkward sex with a male or female. Most likely to go in "the wrong whole".
-Girl: "OMG did you have sex with him last night?
-BFF: " yeah, it was terrible... he was a Ptard and was doing my pee hole the whole time!"
-Girl: "how terrible!"
by yourfagmother February 23, 2011
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Internet troll / keyboard warrior who calls himself Police Tube. Stalks and fights with strangers on the internet, hiding behind sock accounts, spoofed phone numbers and fake lawsuits. Obsessed with Jeremy Dewitte despite being a police impersonator himself.
I went down a YouTube rabbit hole about Jeremy Dewitte and discovered PTard. He’s really a pathetic little man.
by Logan Dewitte February 11, 2023
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