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Spec. used by troublemakers and geezers

1. adj. to be on your best behaviour (Please and Thank Yous)

2. adj. to be drinking and smoking (weed) heavily (Pints and Quarter -Ounce of weed-)
1. "Police are watchin me tonight mate, I best be on my Ps & Qs."

2. "Grab us that corner booth in the pub so we can get down to our Ps & Qs."
by McKenzie January 22, 2005
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When people used to misbehave in old time pubs they would be asked to watch there pints and quarts (like stop throwing them around) hence watch your ps and qs

"its well rowdy in here"

"gentlemen please watch your ps and qs"
by dannydannydandan May 23, 2005
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in the days when public house allowed drinkers to run up a tab if the bill was getting a bit high the landlord would say to the punter to mind his Ps & Qs (pints and quarts) and the punter would know he needed to settle the bill
as above Ps & Qs
by hardish January 27, 2009
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Seattle Sounders FC supporter's group who's origins are located in Row's P & Q of Section 133 of Qwest Field. Membership is open to all Seattle Sounders FC fans regardless of seating location, be it around the home stadium or the home living room. Pre and post-match, members can typically be found accross from the SW Entrance of Qwest Field.
I had a great time with the P's & Q's last season, and can't wait to hang out with them as they support the Sounders!
by tpaull March 11, 2010
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