Prussia is German for Awesome. The people there are decended from EPIC. The reason Germany is still around. IS NOT RUSSIA WITH A "P" IN FRONT.
Person 1: I swear, it was 5 meters!
Person 2: Must have been Prussia.
by SpecksplaysChopin January 18, 2010
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A character in Hetalia Axis Powers. He is an albino who is AWESOME! End of story. Also, he is known for SIEZING VITAL REGIONS!!! He has a little yellow bird with him called Gilbird.
Person 1: Hey, are you cosplaying Prussia?
by Jayjane July 24, 2010
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Awesome + Bad Touch Trio + Gilbird + Beer. That sums it up pretty well. Prussia, also known as Gilbert Beilshmidt , is a hot albino with gorgeous red eyes. He loves beer and his little pet Gilbird. He also happens to be an anime character, sadly. Oh! But there he is! He's about to conquer your vital regions. At least you'll be like most people now. Statistics show that 50% of girls will give Prussia their vital regions. The other 50 already have.
Person 2: "Was it Prussia?"

"KESESESESESE!" Said Prussia.
by Angedevi_Fernandes February 17, 2015
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The very definition of awesome. He's an Albino with platinum blonde hair. The older brother of Germany, and lover of beer.

Even though he can be kina a jerk, he has a soft side and rather fond of cute things.
He was a Nation at one point, but was disbanded soon after World War II.
He now lives in Germany's basement
He's a member of the "bad touch trio" whitch consits of himself, Spain and France.
His "human name" is Gilbert Beilschmidt
He owns a little fluffy yellow chick that likes sits apon his head. That birds name is Gilbird.
He owns a giant library filled with journals that he has writtin in, each page for every day in his life.
He wears a "Prussian Blue" Military Uniform
He hates Rusia. Is childhood rivals with Hungary, Is rather fond of (northern) Italy, And takes pleasure in Anoying and Humiliateing Austria whenever he can. as said before, he is the older brother of Germany.

He also wishes to obtain your vital Regions.

If you have no idea as to who I' talking about, and insist that Prussia is a place, not a person, you've obviously never watch Hetalia. Go do it. NAO.
Prussia = Awesome.
nuff said.
by sakue April 21, 2011
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'Imperial Germany'. The Kingdom of Prussia was an empire that existed until it's monarchy was overthrown, after which it joined with several smaller states to create the Weimar Republic, also known as the foundation of 'Modern Germany'.

Prussia was a nation with a large and high quality army, and was very militaristic and organized. The size of it's army compared to it's total population was such that Voltaire once said:
"Prussia is not a country with an Army, but an Army with a country!"
by Niques August 5, 2006
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The most awesome of all the people in the world!
by Just an average trashcan December 11, 2016
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A kingdom which used to exist west of Russia, in what is now Northern Poland. It merged with Germany under Baron Otto Von Bismarck
Prussia was an enemy of France.
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
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