jerk; a cluthe story
"i don't want to play! get away from me, you prum!"

***when i was a kid, there were these japanese or chinese (cant remember which) kids that lived down the street from us. their names were ryo and takashi. anyway, they had the coolest toys. so me and my brother would go over there to play every once in awhile. so one day i go over there and that's when they said "i dont want to play--get away from me, you prum!" i had NO idea what that meant, and i hope it didn't have anything to do w/ ejaculation. (like meghan suggested)it's been a cluthe family story ever since. and a pretty funny one at that..so...

by matt cluthe January 15, 2005
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Pre-cum. Pre-ejaculatory seminal fluid.
"You can still get pregnant before I pull out. I still got lotsa prum."
by meghan February 12, 2004
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