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One who is reluctant to engage in or witness sexual acts.
Scarlet and Chloe slow dancing on the beach.

Scarlet "Hey Chloe wanna have sex?

Chloe " No it's kinda getting late"

Scarlet "Oh come on quit being such a prude"

Chloe "Oh okay"

The two then quickly proceed to have sex on a beach towel.
by JackOfAllDefinitions October 10, 2018
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Prude: some one who does/will not engage in any type of sexual behavior because it is viewed as wrong, immature, evil, a sin, dirty, disgusting
do not confused prudeness with fear.
by Mq* December 23, 2004
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Something my dad called me when I told him I wasn't going to kiss my boyfriend for a while becuase it didn't feel right. I mean WTF? You're my freaking dad. If anything you should be happy.
Tom: Rachel is SUCH a prude. I mean she wont even kiss me and it's been one whole hour! How dare she respect herself like that.

Jason: Yeah man, what's with women and respect these days? Who needs respect?

Tom: Totally, I mean it's always way more fun to sleep with everyone you meet as soon as you meet them and get STD's :D
by Bobthebuilderistotalycool January 07, 2011
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Taken from the term "prod femmes" in pre-revolutionary France, used to describe proud, wise and virtuous women. These days, it's more of a discriminatory word, stating that women could be "too" proper, too wise, and so on, especially when not interested in sex. It's also a word men think they can use in order to get women to perform sexual favours with them, and in order to put them down a notch - which is absolute bullshit. The word prude may not seem like a good term, but it in fact is a compliment suggesting a lesser ID and a higher intelligence and a stronger will and confidence than most.

This is an excellent definition which someone else posted but which I have tweaked to fit nicely on mug. It was 2 words too long.
She won't have sex with me even though we've been going out for a whole week. What a prude!
by vomithrt August 02, 2009
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n./adj. One who will not engage in any kind of sexual activity with a member of the opposite sex. 1. Usually used as a descriminatory word. 2.Can be used in a fashion as to bait someone into sexual activity.
1. She won't even kiss me, what a prude.

2. Come on don't be prude just suck it.
by Cockslanger January 11, 2004
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A girl with high moral standards and has respect for her body.
Prudes don't get STDs.
by Rachel October 23, 2003
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