Italian Americans who act "overly-italian" with attitude and gold chains
Look at Tony with his gold chain acting like a provolone.
by rmtt July 3, 2014
a description of an asianese/french person describing their obvious lack of knowledge and smell. synonymous with bucket
Mrs. Eidson is a stank ass provolone.
by 3rd period french October 10, 2005
One of the players who was on the field in 1986 during a confrontational match between the Exton Massacrers and the Goshen Bears. During that match, newcomer Kelly Goosecock kicked a 75 yard field goal.

Provolone was well known for his trash talking, which could have easily been what won the game. But sadly, that honor was for Goosecock.
The trash-talking of Danny Provolone could have easily been that.
by George Potamkin May 31, 2011
A section on Providence with a high population of Italians
OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! where u from? answer North Provolone
by jerry321 July 29, 2010
When a pasty white boi walks down the wrong street in a low income african american city metro.
Typical afternoon in Gary, Indiana
Tyrone: "yo, look at dat white boy strollin on wheeler road"
Jamal: "let's turn this provolone into swiss, nigga"
*pulls out 9mm*
by taheehee014 July 20, 2019
(In lieu of the Domino's American Legends pizza promotion) The Provolone Beat Down (i.e. PBD) is a sexually deviant act that involves coming on a slice of said provolone cheese, slapping girl in the face with or throwing slice at said girl's face, (which ever act you prefer based upon proximity) commenced by making said girl finally consume cheese.
The girl next store seemed to be a freak and strangely enough, also thoroughly enjoyed dairy products. I fucked her last night, and me being the generous guy I am, wanted to please her on multiple levels. Consequently, she got the Provolone Beat Down.
by captainreallyawesome July 27, 2009