Gary is a town in NW Indiana named after the founding chairman of U.S. steel, Elbert H. Gary. It was once a nice middle class town with many steel mills and small businesses but ran downhill mainly because of urban decay. Now it has a 25% poverty rate and more than twice as much crime as the US average. Many great people are from Gary, such as the Jackson family, many NFL stars, aswell as actors. Now, Gary remains little more than a poor derelict city. If you happen to drive through Gary, you will notice that it looks more like a post apocalyptic town. NWI locals generally give it the nickname "Scary, Indiana."
You can't drive through Gary, Indiana without seeing bars on windows.
by Jag140 August 6, 2011
(n) the only interesting thing to see in Indiana on Rt.80/90, remarkable for being an industrial wasteland.
Make sure you wake me up when we get to Gary, Indiana, so I can see the fire-breathing smokestacks of Mordor.
by heptune June 13, 2006
Located on southern shore of Lake Michigan. Lake County Indiana. 30 miles east of Chicago, Illinois.

A major industrial city back in the day before all the Steel Mills shut down. Then all tha white folk moved out and it became a wasteland. Now its about 90% black with tha rest Hispanic.... but a white mayor (?). And now their tryna raisin the taxes and cost of living when they know people cant afford it. But its all apart of an effort to improve the city by moving lower income people out.... AINT THAT A B!

Known for: The home of the Jackson's (Michael, janet, Joe, Latoya, Tido, etc...). Former murder and crime capital of the world. Popular song from the movie The Music Man ("gary Indiana, gary indiana, gary indiana!)

Also known as G.I.
Naw nigga I aint from Chi-town. I hail from G.I.
Gary, Indiana is where I was raised
by Harold S. October 24, 2006
The act of taking a shit on a womans vagina and then driving your penis through it during intercourse. Refers to the stench that one encounters when passing through this city.
I can't believe you did the gary indiana on that lovely lady from church!
by barleypop December 16, 2010
bad ass city
the only cool city in indiana
michael and janet jackson are from there
full of steel mills and big buildings with broken windows
i hail from GI gary indiana
by mikegalajfljdfakljlsj March 14, 2008
-like a cleveland steamer, but with the runs
-receiving sexual gratification from a female's mamories, and attempting to leave fecal matter on rib cage. Instead, have runs.
-may or may not include rubbing it into the females torso.
I tried to leave a cleveland steamer on her, but all that came out was a gary, indiana steamer.
by Cromwell Jorguenson April 12, 2005
A shit hole of a town in Indiana.
“If you go to Gary Indiana, you’ll see 13 crack dealers, 26 heroin sellers, see drive byes, hear gunshots, and run over body’s in the streets.”

“Sounds worse than South Sudan

“It is”
by May 19, 2021