protraction is just another word for cutting. the reason it is protraction is because on degrassi, that girl ellie cut herself with a protractor. this is how most kids find out about cutting. they then think it is something useful to learn how to do. since they saw ellie from degrassi use a protractor, theses poor ignorent kids then cut with a protractor not knowing what else to use. this is what protraction is. if you cut, then you have protracted. if you are cutting, then you are protracting. if you are a cutter, you are not a protractor. You are a cutter.
Person 1: omg, last night on degrassi, ellie protracted her self ( she cut herself).

Person 2: yeah, when she was in the bathroom, she was protracting right out in the open! That was stupid as hell! anyone who protracts right in the middle of the school bathroom is just a total retard. they just look for attention. Real cutters don't do that. They go to protraction help (therapy).

Person 1: yeah, if you really are a cutter your going to protract secritively.

Person 2: exactly why degrassi is funny. plus the fake shoot-out and how like everyone is stupid and melo-dramatic.

Person 1: lol, that's the only way to watch it.
by Caycie November 2, 2006
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A word once used by Chris Sails, this means to protect something.
Wherever I go ima make sure my girl is protracted.
by Datboicappin October 26, 2020
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to lengthen(a word or phrase)to a longer form. the act or product of extending.
The fashion magazine vogue editor will not be willing to assistant's such short writing, so Mary is going to ask for to protract deadline to edit her essays.
by purinsy August 29, 2008
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a throbbing dcik when hard bends at a precise 30 degree angle and it hurts alot. people with it kill themselves when they have to present
"bro its ashtons turn to present." bruv he has a protracted cock
by penisslayer69420 November 17, 2020
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