To be still alive, most often used when someone is ment to be dead, but still lives on. also used with the case of someone whom has had someone try to kill them, and yet, still lives. Could be used with the instance of if he is going to die, and you are just waiting for him to die.
someone killing someone

"You shot him right?"
"and he is not dead yet?"

waiting for you to die

"You shot him in the chest?"
"its been 6 hours, and he is STILL NOT DEAD YET??????"
by The Great Dane May 21, 2004
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a famous line used by murderers that killed my goldfish and my pikachu use it wisely if i hear you im going to kill you
hello are you dead yet


by gg no ree May 27, 2019
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A phrase commonly said in between a gang war, whereas one member will most likely get shot in a vital organ but isn't dead yet. The person saying it most likely doesn't think that he can hold ground alone.
"Oh shit man, keep shooting"
"I think they thinning out a Lil bit"

"Nigga you aint dead yet. Get the fuck up"
by Getquikskoptskrub420blazeit January 17, 2017
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